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Viewpoint Consulting Head office Frederick MD USA

Training and Development

We improve our employee skills, knowledge, and competencies to enhance their performance and meet the changing needs of the organization. It is a crucial aspect of human resource management, as it helps employees to develop the necessary skills to perform their job duties effectively and efficiently.
Training and development activities can include:
On-the-job training: providing hands-on training and coaching to employees while they perform their job duties.
Classroom training: offering classroom instruction and workshops to employees to improve their skills and knowledge.
E-learning: providing online training programs to employees to learn at their own pace and convenience.
Mentoring and coaching: pairing employees with experienced mentors or coaches to provide guidance and support.
Job rotation: rotating employees through different job roles and functions to provide them with a broad range of experiences and skills.
Leadership development: offering training and development opportunities to employees to prepare them for leadership roles within the organization.